Facebook Affiliate Marketing Case Study

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    If you are interested in Facebook affiliate marketing then this is the perfect case study to follow along.


    I speak with many of you who are struggling in getting the conversions and with this case study you will find out exactly how we can start making money (breaking even or making a profit) literally on the first day of running.

    That said, I like to start with a small $5 a day budget adsets. Some of you are probably used to spending hundreds out the gate, but I don’t do that at all. If I cannot get a working campaign for a $5 a day (after 3 days) I will probably kill it and change it up.

    Especially now (as I write this post) its Q4 which means the cost of running Facebook ads have gone up about a cool 20% because most marketing firms are pressured to blow the rest of their allocated marketing budgets before the years end. Also, Christmas is on our doorstep, meaning there are more people on the market to buy gifts, and more advertisers going in to get a piece of that Q4 pie.

    So if you are running a campaign, you are going to want to be profitable pretty quickly. There is nothing worse than looking at a campaign that you’ve ripped or written yourself to find it could be hemorrhaging your hard money.

    In this case study, we will be covering how not to lose a bunch of money and get results fast.

    Firstly there are a ton of affiliate offers you can run on Facebook and in today’s edition of Facebook Affiliate marketing case study we will be focusing on lead gen.


    Because they pay the best! $20 dollar payout, and it an evergreen niche market in the auto insurance industry.

    The breakdown:

    • Facebook Traffic (lead conversion event)
    • CPA offer $20 payout (auto insurance)
    • Advertorial landing page (wordpress)
    • We are using a video ad built with Animoto.com
    • All the copy is written by myself
    • We are using Adsbridge for conversions

    In this case study we will wont be focusing on the Facebook ad or the copy, We are focusing on getting conversions from our the advertorial.