Best Countdown Scarcity Plug in For WordPress & Woocommerce

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    How do you persuade someone to buy an item you’re selling? By presenting a sense of urgency and scarcity, you can make them decide quickly to purchase your offer now or suffer from the fear of missing out on your once-in-a-lifetime deal.

    This technique is called scarcity marketing and it’s used often in e-commerce sites to quickly sell the items they have. There are 2 types of scarcity marketing to take note of:

    Limited Quantity

    By displaying the number of remaining items at hand, you’ll encourage customers to buy the item now before others get their hands on it.

    Limited time

    Adding a countdown timer creates urgency, increasing the need for the customer to buy the item now or lose the chance forever.

    According to psychologists who study human behavior, scarcity is one of the elements that affect the power of persuasion. Scarcity generates an increase in demand, which is an essential component in making a sale.

    Scarcity has been part of the marketing tactics often deployed in websites like WordPress and WooCommerce. There are a number of plugins you can use, all with the goal of telling the customer that it’s time to buy now.

    Scarcity marketing can do more than just bring in sales. It can also be used to build your mailing list quicker than ever, launch a new commodity that customers should wait for, and earn commissions through affiliate programs and referrals.

    We’ve rounded up the best WordPress countdown plugin we can find online. They’re all very useful, so you won’t regret picking any one of them for your website.

    The Best WordPress Countdown Plugins

    Countdown Clock

    This WordPress countdown plugin lets you show an animated countdown timer on the sidebar of your site. It’s made with HTML5 which makes it very responsive to various screen sizes and also feature the ability to use flash.

    The plugin is compatible with WordPress versions up to 4.2.10.


    • You can configure the text color, background, animation, and pictures to display
    • You can define the clock layout, whether you want it horizontal or vertical
    • Have presets for the usual occasions like Christmas, Olympics, and World Cup

    Price: Free

    WordPress Countdown

    The WordPress Countdown plugin adds a nice and simple timer on your webpage. The countdown timer can be displayed on any page of your website.

    It is very popular among WordPress beginners and is one of the best WordPress countdown timer plugins for its ease of use.


    • Customize the position, text, and trigger response with the help of CSS3
    • Works on most popular WordPress themes and all versions of WordPress
    • Mobile-responsive design
    • Easy to install and configure

    Price: Free

    WP Custom Countdown

    This WordPress countdown plugin is pretty straightforward to use. You can create and post your own circular countdown timer without much of a hassle using this plugin. Included in it are 12 preset themes which you can also customize using the small MCE button located in the post and page panel of WordPress.


    • Has 12 preset themes you can use right away
    • Modify the color and the padding of the timer
    • Configure the end time of the timer with ease

    Price: Free

    YITH Topbar Countdown

    This WordPress countdown plugin is designed to help launch offers and promote products on your website. It will show a banner with a countdown timer on the top of your site to inform visitors of an upcoming product launch. Configuring the plugin can be done from the WP admin page.


    • Available in different languages
    • Customizable banner, background, and font
    • Compatible with WordPress versions starting from 3.5.1 up to 4.4.5

    Price: Free

    The Countdown Pro

    This is a highly-customizable WordPress countdown plugin that’s easy to use and configure. You can add it to your web content or on your site’s sidebar, whichever position is more enticing to consumers.

    The plugin features an advance Expiration system that can track the number of times a viewer has visited your site. You can choose when the countdown expires, whether it will depend on the number of visits the user has done or the remaining time before the offer runs out.


    • It has a shortcode generator
    • Configure when the countdown expires
    • Customize the appearance of the timer including its font, color, and background
    • Intuitive control panel

    Price: $9

    Opt-in Countdown

    Opt-in Countdown is a plugin which can help you collect email and names through a Metro-style signup form. It has a simple and responsive design that works well on most mobile and desktop devices.


    • Mobile-responsive design
    • Data gathered can be exported into a CSV file
    • Can be integrated with MailChimp, iContact, GetResponse and similar email marketing tools
    • Easy to install and configure

    Price: $14

    Red Countdown – Circular Countdown

    This responsive WordPress countdown plugin enables you to create circular countdown timers made with HTML5. It comes with 12 presets you can modify, although you can also make your own design. It comes with a shortcode generator to make it easier to integrate into your WordPress website.


    • Comes with a shortcode generator
    • Control panel for easier configuration
    • Highly-customizable countdown timer that has a clean look
    • Compatible with WordPress versions 3.0 up to 4.1

    Price: $14

    Product Countdown WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce

    This WordPress countdown plugin displays a ticking timer to show scarcity. The plugin is developed for WooCommerce and is very easy to configure. It has a settings panel where you can set the sales date, sales price, positioning, text, and color to use on the widget.


    • Select the position, background, fade effect, and font color to use on the popup window
    • Option to display the sales price and the number of items still in stock of an offer
    • Customize the CSS on the countdown message

    Price: $16

    Viral Signup

    Viral Signup is a WordPress plugin that creates scarcity by promoting a limited signup form on your site. For example, you can set that the first 1,000 people to signup will get copies of your promoted product. The number will decrease in real-time, creating the urgency to take action before slots get filled.

    You can also include a referral element that will give users a special link after they sign up on the form. Users who are able to bring in referrals through their special link can receive rewards, discounts, or freebies to your discretion.

    Select which of the 4 modes to implement on your website. The plugin only allows one mode per website, so choose wisely.

      • Simple – basic signup form without a limit
      • Simple + referral – simple signup form with a link for referrals
      • Limited – signup form with limited slots
      • Limited + referral – limited signup form with a link for referrals


    • Easy to use and configure
    • Configure the color, font, size, positioning, and alignment of the text on your signup form
    • Edit the text on the submit button
    • Insert your own custom link for sharing and referral
    • Links can be shared on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
    • Indicate the number of referrals needed to get a reward

    Price: $17 per website

    jCountdown Mega Package For WordPress

    jCountdown is a WordPress countdown plugin that accepts shortcodes for easier configuration. The plugin can be added on any page, sidebar, or post, and has other highly-customizable settings you can play around with. You can choose what to display on your countdown timers, like the ticking seconds of a 24-hour timer or the number of days remaining before the offer expires.


    • Configure the color from the plugin presets and edit the other parts of the countdown display using its intuitive admin panel
    • Control the appearance and disappearance effect of the countdown timer
    • Designs work with most mobile and web browsers

    Price: $18

    WooCommerce Sales Countdown

    This plugin has a lot of features that can help increase the success rate of the sales campaigns on your website. The countdown counter can appear together with your product offers, giving visitors the urgency to buy them now at a discount before time runs out.

    The plugin runs on any WooCommerce theme of WordPress and can be heavily configured in the WooCommerce settings panel.


    • Put in a sales countdown, a timer, or a scheduler widget on the Product and Category pages in WooCommerce
    • Put a sales countdown, a timer, or a scheduler widget on the WordPress sidebar
    • Lightweight and won’t take much up your website’s resources
    • Multi-lingual function

    Price: $21

    WooCommerce Coupon Countdown

    This is a WooCommerce plugin that allows you to display coupons with a countdown timer on your website. You can show until when the coupon is valid along with the details on up to when users can avail the coupon.

    There’s an option to limit how many coupons a user can own and use. Aside from this, you can also alter the color of the coupons to make them attractive and compatible with your website’s theme.


    • Shortcode can be used to change the color of the coupons
    • Configure the expiration of the coupons and who can avail them
    • Limit how many coupons a user can use

    Price: $29

    Thrive Ultimatum

    Thrive Ultimatum is a WordPress countdown plugin that boosts sales conversions by using the marketing principle of supply scarcity.

    The plugin has a range of templates including countdown timers, banners, and widgets which all aim to entice users to take action before time runs out. Model widgets for seasonal events like yearly sales, 3-day offers, Christmas specials, and other recurring occasions are also available for use.

    Templates can be customized using the easy-to-use, drag-and-drop editor. You can change the font, color, background, image, or any element you need to alter in order to fit it to your brand’s theme.

    The greatest feature of this plugin is the Thrive Ultimatum Lockdown. Aside from the fixed-date campaigns you launch on your site every now and then, the Lockdown adds an ‘evergreen’ countdown timer that you can run on your website all the time.

    According to statistics, around 70% of web traffic is driven by new visitors. With the Lockdown, you’ll be able to capture their attention and always present them with a scarcity of supply.

    Each new visitor is assigned with their own time limit and countdown timer. This will last until it expires, regardless of when the customer visits the page again. This presents authenticity in the scarcity tactic, giving them the urge to purchase the item now. After the evergreen countdown timer expires, you can simply redirect the user to another landing page with a new time limit.

    The Lockdown has a very smart feature which makes it one of the best WordPress countdown timer plugins out there. It doesn’t matter whether the user switches devices, clears the cache and cookies, or uses a different browser. They’ll still get the same number of remaining hours on timer the first time they saw it.


    • Designs are mobile-responsive
    • Different choices for campaign types and countdown timer positioning
    • It already has pre-made templates which look great and can be used straight out of the box.
    • Allows you to simultaneously run a number of campaigns
    • Supports a variety of triggers and time zones
    • Visual editor allows easy customization of templates

    Price: $97 for a single site

    Page Expiration Robot

    The Page Expiration Robot is a WordPress countdown plugin which centers on the 3 most popular types of scarcity marketing:

    Evergreen scarcity

    The evergreen scarcity runs all day, every day until it expires. New visitors will encounter a countdown timer the moment they visit your website. When the time limit runs out, the same thing happens to the offer and it expires. However, for new visitors, a new countdown begins on the very same offer.

    Event-based scarcity

    This is the typical countdown you see on items sold during Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Valentine’s, and similar events. After the time limit expires, you can just redirect the user to a new landing page without the discount and other promotional deals.

    One-time-only scarcity

    As the name implies, this presents the effect of a limited offer that a user can avail for the present time only. After it expires, they’ll never see it again even if they refresh the page or restart the browser. They’ll be redirected along with others who declined the offer to a page where that offer doesn’t exiti n

    The Page Expiration Robot remembers the visitor’s IP address or browser cookies and uses them to run the plugin. This is one of the best WordPress countdown timer plugins you can find online.


    • Beautifully designed countdown timers
    • Automatically redirect users to the desired URL once the countdown timer expires
    • Can be configured to get in sync with different time zones
    • Configure when a user gets expired using their cookies
    • Mobile-responsive designs
    • Allows special messages or images to appear upon expiration of the time limit

    Price: Free and Premium versions available. The Premium one will cost you $197 a year.


    Using scarcity marketing on websites can help drive traffic and sales with little risk on your side. With the help from WordPress countdown plugins, you can introduce urgency to visitors, encouraging them to take action before an offer expires or the limited supplies run out of stock.

    The best WordPress countdown timer plugin offers a lot of customizations to allow it to meld with your brand’s theme. Choose one that will create the desired effect you want to establish.