Facebook Affiliate Marketing Case Study

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    If you are interested in Facebook affiliate marketing then this is the perfect case study to follow along. Why? I speak with many of you who are struggling in getting the conversions and with this case study you will find out exactly how we can start making money (breaking even or making a profit) literally…

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    How to 20x Your Email List Subscribers Today

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    An email list is an asset that should be treasured by any company. This is an avenue for turning leads to paying clients. It doesn’t matter whether you have 10, 100, or a million subscribers because you’ll probably want more. This is how marketing works. The more leads you have, the higher your chances are…

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    Best Countdown Scarcity Plug in For WordPress & Woocommerce

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    How do you persuade someone to buy an item you’re selling? By presenting a sense of urgency and scarcity, you can make them decide quickly to purchase your offer now or suffer from the fear of missing out on your once-in-a-lifetime deal. This technique is called scarcity marketing and it’s used often in e-commerce sites…

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    best affiliate marketing programs

    Best Affiliate Programs To Join If You Are A Beginner

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    Have you ever dreamed of a job that can earn you a lot of money even while you sleep? For some people, affiliate marketing is the answer to this dream. To get started, they join an affiliate network and find merchants they want to help in product promotion. But what is an affiliate network? Why…

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    woocommerce social proof plug ins

    9 Social Proof Plugins for WooCommerce and WordPress

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    Ever made a website or blog but felt something missing in it? In terms of aesthetics, it looks perfect, same with functionality and performance. But somehow, you’re not pushing your visitors to take action. They seldom buy anything, comment on updates, or even subscribe to your free content. One of the things that drastically increase…

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    Landing Page Personalization - How to get more sales with User personalization on Your Landing Pages

    Landing Page Personalization – How to get more sales with User personalization on Your Landing Pages

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    Receiving emails with a “Hey beloved customer!” greeting? Nothing can be more generic and impersonal than this kind of introduction. No one wants to deal with a business who’s asking to buy their products when they can’t even make the effort to know the name of their customers. A similar effect can happen on website…

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    4 Step Copywriting Formula

    The 4 Step Copywriting Formula That Produces a MINIMUM of 400%+ ROI On A Brand New Campaigns

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    How to validate your money making copywriting ideas in a simple 4 step “Common Sense” formula that will save you time on BAD ideas, and focus on the WINNING ideas You will learn Why your copywriting ideas suck and how to fix them without spending a bunch of time on angles that will NEVER work…

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    Bulletproof Webpage Personalization For Affiliates And eCommerce

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    If you’ve been in affiliate marketing or eCommerce for any length of time then you would know how important it is to make every click count, boosting your EPC’s and landing conversions by making the best impression out the gate. Many aspects on the landing page can go into converting a prospect into a lead or sale, and…

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